kors application

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kors application

Post  koresh on Fri Jan 08, 2010 6:36 pm

1. Character name koresh

2. What jobs do you have at 75? nin bst whm blm

3. Do you have sky/sea? If not, what mission are you on? yea

4. Do you have Dynamis Northland access? If not, what city wins do you have? all access

5. Are you willing to make Rewind your only LS for sky/sea/limbus/dynamis? yea

6. Can you make all or most of the events and be at the designated gathering spot on time? yea

7. Are you willing to help others get their drops, even when you have very little or nothing to benefit? yea

8. Why do you want to join Rewind? want to be apart of a new ls that does other things besides hnm and want to get into dynamis and sky again


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