Rules and lotting system

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Rules and lotting system

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 06, 2010 5:57 pm


1. listen and come the job your needed.

2. come on time to all events.

3. do not complain or cause drama.

4. Racism and sexual harassment will not be tolerated.


sky/sea/dynamis/limbus drops are based on who wants the item.

If 5 people want byakkos haidate and it drops, leaders will look at the 5 people that want the items attendance, attitude, job priority and behavior and will decide who gets to lot. this can be a solo lot or all 5 people lotting versus each other.

same as sky.

in city's make a comment for the af you want, if it drops you lot. beaucedine and xarcabard are different. these areas are based as same as sky/sea.

Money drops / currency from dynamis

Ls leader or sackholder's will lot all money items / currency and they will go into the ls bank. at the end of every month, the bank will be split with all members that have a 90% attendance rate. attendance rate = number of times you came to event divided by the number of events.


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